Team rider Sparky Moir enjoys a stretch of singletrack within the Kokopelli Trail System outside of nearby Fruita. Her fiancee Noah Sears (right) races in the pro-ranks in enduro and endurance events in addition to his role here at MRP as Brand Manager. Here he tests the fast line on  stage four of this year's Enduro Cup in Moab.

Our product designs start with the performance result we want to achieve – not a cost or time target.  We believe in blazing new trails, not following the crowds.  Our components are designed in-house, proto-typed in house, and tested on our local Colorado trails.  As riders, we want great components that last, and believe that you deserve the same.

Machinist Sam Benham removes a freshly made fork axle from one of several lathes we use at our Grand Junction facility. At right, Engineer Darek Barefoot assembles a prototype axle for installation on a test fork.

We control our production to ensure the highest quality products.  This drives us to make as much in our facility in Colorado as possible.  We use the best materials and processes in order to make the best products.  Our components are hand built and assembled in Colorado in small batches.  This allows us to do things that an assembly line in Asia won’t do – like 100% dyno test our suspension.  This takes extra time, but ensures that every fork or rear shock performs the exact way it was designed when it leaves our shop.  All of this provides a level of attention and care we believe you deserve when buying a high-end component.           

Engineer Cole Hanson runs a new Stage fork through a series of test protocols on our in-house Roehrig dyno - a process every production fork receives before final packaging. At right, Suspension Technician Kazzy Saito applies decals by hand to a Stage fork with great attention to detail.

We answer the phone because we want you to have access to information and to support before, during, and long after your purchase.  Plus we love talking with our customers.  We also support our products long term.  We still service and have spare parts for suspension forks from 10-15 years ago, unlike our large competitors that obsolete items every 2-3 years.  As riders, we expect our components to last a long time, and we won’t settle for anything less.

Technical Service Manager Eric Prinster fields a call from a customer. Eric has been part of MRP for over a decade. Billie Uriguen (right) commands the front office and is the bright, cheery personality on the other end of the line when you call us.

As a small company, we rely heavily on our customer’s word of mouth and support for our continued success.  Let us know how we are doing and what we can do better.  And if you are in Colorado, stop by for a visit (or a ride).  We appreciate you looking at our components and hope to have you as part of our MRP family (if you are not already).


Please contact us with any inquires, feedback, or just to chat! We love our customers and are here for you!