Frequently Asked Questions



Can I change the travel in MRP fork?

Travel can be changed on the Loop and Stage forks with a simple spacer change in the air-spring assembly. Your fork came with one extra spacer, depending on your desired travel, you may have to purchase an additional.

Travel on Groove forks cannot be changed without significant part swaps. Contact us directly if you’re interested.

Travel on the Rustler fork cannot be changed.

How much air pressure do I need in my fork?

This information is located in the user manual of your fork. User manuals can be found here..

What spring rate do I need for my Raze 2CR?

We have a spring calculator here.

Can I get MRP fork stickers in other colors?

While we don’t have sticker kits in additional colors, we’re happy to provide the artwork for our stickers. Contact us for details.

Can my White Brothers Loop fork be updated with the new MRP Loop internals?

Yes, in most cases the original White Brothers Loop can be updated with the Loop TR internals. Updating/upgrading to Loop SL internals is not possible.

Where can I get seals and maintenance parts for my MRP fork?

We carry and extensive collection of maintenance parts in our web store. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, contact us.

Where can I get my Raze 2CR serviced?

In North America, we recommend factory service. Contact us for costs and turnaround times.

In countries outside of North America, contact us or your country’s distributor for a recommendation.

What is the warranty on MRP suspension products?

Click here for our complete warranty policy.

Is the Ramp Control upgrade compatible with Vorsprung Suspension's Luftkappe?

The Ramp Control cartridges are compatible with all forks with the Luftkappe installed, except for the following:

Pike 160mm (26, 27.5, and 29)
Lyrik and Yari 170 and 180mm (27.5 and 29)

Use of the Ramp Control cartrige in these models will cause malfunction and possible injury.

Do MRP guides work with oval rings?

Most of our guides do work with oval rings. See instructions here.

My frame has only two ISCG-05 tabs. Can I still use your standard three bolt ISCG-05 guides?

Three-bolt ISCG-05 guides should only be installed on frames with the full ISCG-05 mounts (three). For frames like some 2017 Specialized models that have only the upper and lower-front tabs, only the two-bolt 1x V3 ISCG-05 guide should be used. For frames with only the lower two tabs (some Evil and Rocky Mountain models), please contact the frame manufacturer for integrated skid and lower guide options. We do produce a custom solution for Evil frames that uses the SXg skid - featuring the Whippersnapper™.

Does my frame have ISCG or ISCG-05 tabs?

By far the easiest way to make a determination is to measure the distance between the two lower holes. For ISCG tabs (also know as ISCG-old and ISCG-03), these holes will measure roughly 48mm apart. For ISCG-05 the distance is roughly 56mm.

I have an internal bearing BB. (BB30, PF30, ISIS, Octa-link, square taper), will the 1X BB mount work for me? Generally no. Your best solution is a FD mount or seat tube clamp model.

What kind of lubes and degreasers are compatible with MRP chainguides?

In general, stay away from "dry" lubes and "all-in-one" products that supposedly clean and lube. Both of those items generally contain solvents or other ingredients that can damage and degrade your guide. Avoid contact between your guide and lube, Loctite, or degreasers. We recommend you remove your chain from the bike for cleaning and ensuring that it is dry and free of degreaser before re-install. MRP guides should only be cleaned with mild soap and water.

I have a Truvativ GXP BB and a 73mm shell. Will a BB mounted chainguide work for me?

Yes. The GXP BB is compatible with a BB mounted chainguide and a 73mm shell. The chainline is determined by the BB spindle bottoming on the non-drive bearing race. Even though there are no spacers between the drive side bearing cup and the shell, the spindle is long enough and “floats” through the drive side bearing. Installing a BB mount guide simply moves the drive side cup outboard 2.5mm, without affecting chainline.

I have an Ibis Mojo SL/HD. Do you make custom single ring guides for these bikes?

Yes! We make a custom 2x, Mini G3, and Lopes guides for the original Mojo, Mojo SL and HD. They have a wider-angle backplate to accommodate the extremely low drive-side chainstay, and also feature a mounting hole that interfaces with the lower suspension link bolt on the frame to anchor the guide to the frame and prevent it from rotating.

My upper guide rubs slightly in the extremes of my cassette, is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. In order to provide the reliable chain retention that MRP is known for, we run a tight tolerance on our guides. They are purposely designed to direct the chain into alignment with the chainring teeth before the chain actually engages the ring. It’s perfectly normal to get some rubbing on the inside guide surface when in your largest cogs in the rear since this puts a severe angle on your chain. The audible sound will diminish as the chain wears into it. DO NOT attempt to widen the gap by placing spacers of any kind between the two guide halves of the upper guide. This will create to large of a gap and potentially allow the chain to fall between the guide and the chainring, ruining your day, or race run and damaging your chainguide.

Does MRP make a bash protection product for double or single ring cranks that cannot take a crank-mounted bashguard?

Yes! Our XCG line of integrated bash guards work great for this application. We make three sizes: 36, 40, and 44. If you need a BB-mount solution and you are using a SRAM double crank with 120mm BCD chainrings, we recommend the “BB for SRAM” models.

What is chainline?

Chainline is the distance from the center of the frame to the center of the chainring(s). In our experiece, single ring drivetrains work best with 49-51mm chainlines. Using a 2x10 crank in a single ring configuration will result in a wide chainline that stresses the chain and causes excessive noise. In some cases 2x10 cranks can be successfully used as a part of a single ring drivetrain if BB spacers are shifted to the non-drive side of the BB shell or an offset ring is utilized.

What is the warranty on MRP drivetrain products?

Click here for our complete warranty policy.