AMg (V2)

Designed for:

Enduro / Trail

1x9/ 1x10/ 1x11 / 1x12

  • Perfect for "clutched" 1x10, 1x11 and 1x12 drivetrains, as well as those using chain-retaining rings (like our Wave Ring)

  • New nylon integrated skid protects chainrings and glides over rocks and obstacles

  • Tracked and grooved upper guide / backplate interface increases stiffness and eases installation

  • New co-molded "TR" upper guide with softer durometer interior for silent guidance

  • Available in 28-32t and 32-38t sizing

  • Oval compatible

  • All install and adjustment operations possible with just a single 4mm HEX wrench.

  • Compatible with chainlines 49mm and wider

  • ISCG and ISCG-05 models. Three mounting bolts required (included).

  • 111g (28-32t Alloy ISCG-05) - 129g (32-38t Alloy ISCG)

US MSRP $99.95-149.95

The AMg V2 features our new co-molded "TR" upper guide. TPU lines the walls and ceiling of the guide and silences contact with the chain.

The AMg V2 is available with a carbon or aluminum backplate. Carbon backplates weigh roughly 10% less than aluminum ones, but they also offer better resilience to impact  - and, of course, they look sick!

A robust and lightweight skid protects your frame, chain, and chainring from damage. Compared to previous versions, the new "AM" skid yields better ground clearance and improved aesthetics with drivetrains using smaller chainrings.

The newly redesigned All-Mountain Guide is the love child of two innovative and revered product lines, the 1x and XCg. Perfectly suited to the increasingly popular all-mountain segment, the All-Mountain Guide shares the freshly updated "TR" upper guide with the 1x, and adds MRP's patented integrated skid. The All-Mountain Guide is a great choice for 5-6" travel bikes when used with the latest tensioned rear derailleurs or on its own for shorter-travel trail bikes or hardtails that require bash protection. The contact-free, "upper-only" chain retention means the All-Mountain Guide will be virtually silent and completely drag-free when pedaling. The patented integrated skid will protect your crank and chainring and prevent the chain from ever contacting and potentially damaging your expensive frame.