1x CX

Designed for:


1x9/ 1x10/ 1x11 / 1x12

  • Adds security to  "narrow/wide" 1x drivetrains

  • Tracked and grooved upper guide / backplate interface increases stiffness and eases installation

  • New co-molded "TR" upper guide with softer durometer interior for silent guidance.

  • Clamp model features NEW carbon clamp. Offered in two sizes: 34.9 and 31.6mm (latter includes shims for 28.6mm)

  • Oval compatible

  • NEW braze-on mount model with vertical and lateral adjustment

  • Consult compatibility matrix (below) for chainring sizing details

US MSRP $69.95 -99.95

The new 1x V3 CX guides improve upon our original, pioneering model that’s been securing drivetrains from Iowa corn fields to beer-soaked Belgian mud pits for years. New for the V3 is our co-molded TR upper guide that is both lighter and quieter than that used on the outgoing model. Adjustment and alignment has been improved with dedicated models for 34.9 and 31.6mm seat tubes as well a sliding lateral adjustment to perfectly dial the guide in for your chainline. We’ve ditched the former alloy seat clamp assembly for a light and stiff carbon version. Additionally, we now have a braze-on tab mount option that - although barely registering on a scale - gives you chain security and peace of mind that a retention ring alone could never provide.


To determine the chainring range your frame can accommodate with the 1xV3 CX Braze-on model, measure the distance between the center of your BB or crank spindle and the bottom of braze-on tab (FIG A). Compare that measurement to the table below.

Braze-on Range Table


To determine where to install the 1xV3 CX Seat Tube Clamp models on your seat tube, consult the table below and install the guide in the prescribed location (FIG B).