Wave Ring


  • Carefully selected chainline specs for SRAM Direct-mount (49mm for 28-34t, 50mm for 36t) and Race Face Cinch mount (50mm for all sizes) rings give you quiet, lasting performance whether your bike is standard or “boosted”.
  • Machined from durable, long-wearing 7000-series aluminum.
  • 104mm BCD, 110mm BCD, Direct-mount for SRAM, and Cinch models.

Designed for:

1x Drivetrains

With patent pending Wave™ retention technology

The Wave™ pattern applies alternating lateral force to each chain link to actively retain links to ring - going beyond narrow/wide implementation that relies solely on friction.

MRP’s Wave™ tooth pattern swings right to left, grasping the interior of the chain for retention, but allowing room for mud, debris, and grit to escape.

The Wave™ design creates more open areas for mud and debris evacuation and preserves chain retention in adverse conditions - one of many “Achilles’ Heels” of narrow/wide designs.

Designed with mindful consideration of system friction, the Wave™ design actively engages the chain but yields much less concentrated wear than competing designs — spreading the load over large surface areas instead.

MRP Wave Ring technology versus standard narrow/wide
MRP Wave ring technology



The MRP Wave chainring technology utilizes a host of features to provide robust chain handling and retention characteristics while providing market-leading durability. Technological features and benefits include the following:

  • Tooth faces displaced from nominal centerline to provide active & positive lateral engagement of every chain link with a chainring tooth.
  • Alternating lateral force to each chain link to actively retain links to ring.
  • Less surface contact between chainring and chain creating minimal friction and maximum retention.
  • Equal tooth thickness on entire chainring to allow for maximum mud-shedding clearance.
  • Tooth design allows for reduced weight chainrings over competitor technology.